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Selected illustrations from

"Oriental Memoirs" by James Forbes (1749-1819)

Published 1813

Forbes travelled to India in 1765 as a writer for the British East India Company and was resident there until 1784. He was a prolific writer and artist and filled 52,000 manuscript pages with notes and sketches concerning all aspects of Indian life, its wildlife, flora and architecture.

An Indian Hackeree, drawn by Guzerat Oxen, with the Costume of different Casts in Hindostan from a drawing by Baron de Montalembert, 1807

A Mahomedan of Distinction with a Dervise on his Pilgrimage

Parsees at Bombay

The Conclusion of the Cheeta Hunt at Cambay, from an original drawing by Lady Malet

Hill Fort on the Island of Caranjah

Ragonath Row Ballajee; Pundit Purdhan, Peshwa of the Mahratta Empire

The Mahratta Peshwa, and his ministers at Poonah. Drawn from an original sketch belonging to Sir Charles Malet Bart.

Mohman Khaun, Nabob of Cambay

A Foot Soldier in the usual Costume of the Native Indians

A Mahratta Horseman.
Sketched in the Camp.

Peasants at a well in Hindostan.
Sketched by Baron de Montalembert, 1807

Hindoo Devotees, of the Gosanee & Jetty Tribes

A Jungam and a Byragee, Hindoo Devotees

A Coolie Chieftain

A Gracia Chieftain or Rajah, with his Suarree or usual attendants, from a drawing by Baron de Montalembert, 1783

View of Onore Fort after the Siege in 1783

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These pictures are from the British Library.

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Other 19th century Indian Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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