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Bosporan horseman. Grave Stela from Kerch, 1st Century AD.

Grave Stela from Kerch, 1st Century AD.
Kerch, Royal Tumulus
2 / Plate XXX, Iranians & Greeks in South Russia by Rostovtsev, Mikhail Ivanovich (1922)
Bosporan horseman accompanied by an infantryman with thureos.

pp.168-169: A series of carved and sometimes painted funeral stelai (pl. XXX, 2), and an equally rich series of tombs with painted walls, present us with hundreds of portraits of Bosphoran citizens, in civil and in military costume. Their garments at this period are far from Greek. They wear trousers, soft leather shoes, leather or fur doublets, and long cloaks probably of wool : just like the Scythians and the Sarmatians on monuments of the fourth or third century b. c. Ovid at Tomi, Dio Chrysostom at Olbia, can hardly recognize the descendants of the ancient Milesian colonists.

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