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Selected illustrations of military interest from
Byzantine Psalter, 1058-59AD. Biblioteca Apostolica, Vatican, Vat. gr. 752 Part 2.

folio 362r

folio 389v(3)

folio 405v

folio 448v, David and Goliath

folio 421r

folio 429r upper register

Date: sec. XI ex
Language: Greco.
Biblioteca Apostolica, Vatican, Vat. gr. 752 Part 2


1) sec. XI ex
2) 251r-449r: Psalmi cum catena
3) 450r-491r: Cantica catena instructi
4) 491r-491v: Oratio Manasse Oratio Manassae
Biblioteca Apostolica, Vatican, Vat. gr. 752

The Psalter Vat. gr. 752 dated to the years 1058/59 occupies a special place among the illustrated Psalters of the middle Byzantine period because of its rich pictorial program.1

1 The patron, scribes, and artists of the codex are unknown. The manuscript has been attributed by De Wald to the Stoudios Monastery as a commission for the emperor Constantine IX Monomachos (1042-1055) (ibid., pp. ix-xiii), but was later connected with the emperor Isaak Komnenos (1057-1059); KALAVREZOU – TRAHOULIA – SABAR, Critique of the Emperor. Francesco D’Aiuto is more doubtful and argued for a provincial provenance in his communication at the Ars Edendi workshop, Rome, 7-10 June, 2012: cf. now his nuanced position expressed by the paper in this volume.
Source: Crostini Lappin, B./Peers, G. (eds.), A Book of Psalms from Eleventh-Century Byzantium: the Complex of Texts and Images in Vat. gr. 752 (Studi e Testi, 504), Vatican City 2016


Manuscript -
ID: 225503
General Information Library: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Date: sec. XI ex
Beginning date: 1076
Ending date: 1100
Support: membr.
Height: 335
Width: 260
Extent: ff. 251-491 (+ 283a. 389a-e. 385-389 bis numeratis); 274 omisso
Details, Biblioteca Apostolica, Vatican, Vat. gr. 752 Part 2
[There are 6 folios numbered 389.]

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