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Wooden Door Panel from the Church of Sitt Barbara, 11th century AD.
Coptic Museum in Cairo.

Sanctuary Screen from the Church of Sitt Barbara.

The decoration of the sanctuary screen from the Church of Sitt Barbara (mid-eleventh century; Pl. 9), currently preserved in the Coptic Museum in Cairo, includes two mounted Falconers (Pl. 10). They are framed within medallions and placed on the spandrels of the door, while two additional horsemen are carved in the two uppermost panels of the door. The four horsemen are all wearing turbans. Both pairs are turned towards one another. The other panels of the screen display affronted animals, lions attacking a prey, sitting musicians and foliages.

Source: Guarding the Entrances: Equestrian Saints in Egypt and North Mesopotamia by Bas Sneldersand Adeline Jeudy

Referenced as figure 152 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
152. Wooden panel from the Church of Sitt Barbara, 11th century AD, Coptic, Coptic Museum, Cairo (Monn).

See also a Horseman on a Wooden Door Panel, 9th century AD, Coptic, in situ, Church of Abū Sarga, Cairo.
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