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Ceramic Bowl with Archer, Central Asia, 12th-early 13th century

A larger image of this Ceramic Bowl with Archer, Central Asia, 12th-early 13th century

Title: Bowl
Place created: Central Asia
Date: 12th- Early 13th Century
Material: clay
Dimensions: diameter 17 cm
Inventory Number: АЗ-1507
State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

Referenced as illustration 42 in "ART OF AZERBAIJAN IV-XVIII centuries" by L. S. BRETANITSKY & B.W. WEIMARN, 1976
Bowl from Oren-kala (Baylakan). Glazed ceramics. 12 - 13 c. Institute of Archeology. Leningrad.
42. Painted ceramic dish from Baylakan.
XII-XIII centuries

Household glazed ceramics reached their peak in the 12th - early 13th century. Ganja, Baylakan, Mingechevir, Kabala, Baku, Barda were large centers of ceramic production, the artistic merit of their products was not inferior to imported products. Bowls, dishes, large vases and jugs, artistically decorated vessel lids are extremely diverse (ill. 42). The established traditions are enriched with new artistic forms and techniques of technology, ornamental and plot compositions.

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