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Tamara Talbot Rice

Stone relief of horsemen fighting. Daghestan, 12th-13th century

A larger image of this stone relief of horsemen fighting. Daghestan.

Illustration 251, p261 in Tamara Talbot Rice, Ancient Arts of Central Asia, 1965
251 Stone relief from Kubachi adorned with three scenes which are of particular interest. The first two seem to belong to the same cycle as the bronze plaques which Griaznov regards as illustrations from Central Asian epics. The last scene on the right shows a rider shooting backwards in the Parthian style. The slab serves to show that traditions lived on in the area longer than is generally supposed. Twelfth-thirteenth century
251 Stone relief: horsemen fighting. Kubachi twelfth-thirteenth century. Photo: State Hermitage Museum, Leningrad
Caucasian Albania, an extract from ANCIENT ARTS OF CENTRAL ASIA by Tamara Talbot Rice

See also an extract from The 'Pila' of JŠtiva. A Document of Secular Urban Art in Western Islam by Eva Baer about the relief of horsemen and wrestlers fighting, Daghestan.

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