Fatimid wood panel with dancer, 11th-12th century.

A larger image of this Fatimid wood panel with dancer. Louvre MAO 471.

Panel with dancer.
11th-12th century. Egypt. Boxwood with carved and incised decoration.

These small, variously shaped panels were set into grooved, geometrical frames to decorate items of furniture of which no complete example has survived. Widely used by Oriental cabinet-makers, the technique allowed the wood to respond to changes in temperature without splitting.
Louvre Museum, Paris, Department of Islamic Art.

Inventory number: MAO 471
Collection: Département des Arts de l'Islam
Object name: Decorative element (Furniture)
Title : Panel with dancer.
Dimensions: Thickness: 0.9 cm; Height: 8.1 cm; Width: 6.2 cm; Weight: 0.02kg
Material: Boxood
Technique: carved and incised decoration
Date: 11th century; 12th century (1000 - 1200)
Provenance: Egypt
Louvre Museum, Paris, Department of Islamic Art.

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Fatimid Musicians, Dancers & Revelers

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