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Urjūza fi’l-kawākib by ibn al-Ṣūfī, son of ‛Abd al-Rahman ibn ‛Umar al-Ṣūfī,
Riza ‛Abbasi Library, Tehran, Ms M. 570, 1159-60AD.

Fig. 9. p.187. Folios 1v-2r. Double frontispiece

Fig. 5. p.184. Folio 10v. Hercules

Fig. 7. p.184. Folio 13v. Auriga

p. 182: There are at least eigteen extant manuscript copies of this poem, of which the earliest is dated 519 (1125).10
note 10:
I have assembled a provisional catalogue of these eighteen: Bologna, Bologna University Library, Ms. no. 2953 (dated 956 [1549], unillustrated); Cairo, Dar al-kutub 417/2, Ms. Miqat 163, and Miqat 831/1 (all undated); Doha, Museum of Islamic Art, Ms. MI-02-98-90 (dated 519 [1125], 4 illustrations only, appendixed to al-Sufi’s illustrated treatise); Gotha, Forschungsbibliothek, Ms. Orient. A. 1398 (undated, unillustrated); Istanbul, Süleymaniye Library, Ms. Láleli 2698 (dated 718 [1318], unillustrated); London, Khalili Collection. Ms. 730 (undated, fully illustrated); London, SOAS Library, Ms. 45806/6 (undated, unillustrated); Munich, Staatsbibliothek. Ms. 870 (undated, fully illustrated); Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Ms. Ar. 2561/4 (undated); Princeton, N.J, Princeton University Library, Garrett Collection, Ms. 356 (undated, unillustrated) and Ms. 211 (dated.1204 [1789-90], unillustrated); Tehran, Riza ?Abbasi Library, Ms. M. 570 (dated 554 [1159-60], fully illustrated); Tehran, Majles Library, Ms. 198 (dated 1312 [1895], fully illustrated); Tunis, Zaituna, Ms. 415 (undated); Vatican Library, Ms. Rossiani 1033/2 (dated 621 [1224]. unillustrated; appendixed to al-Su?'s illustrated treatise); and a copy sold at Christie's in October 1990 (dated 1224 [1809]). See Brockelmann. GAL, SI:863 no. 4a; Sezgin, GAS, 6:232; Heinrich Suter, Die Mathematiker und Astronomen der Araber und ihre Werke (Leipzig: Teubner, 1900), no. 138.
Source: Moya Carey "Al-Sufi and Son: Ibn al-Sufi's Poem on the Stars and its Prose" in Muqarnas Vol. 26 edited by Gülru Necipoğlu, Karen A. Leal

See also manuscripts of the 'Book of Fixed Stars' (Kitāb suwar al-kawākib al-ṯābita) by ‛Abd al-Rahman ibn ‛Umar al-Ṣūfī
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