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Kastoria, Agioi Anargyroi (Kosmas and Damianos)

This small basilica was built and first decorated in the eleventh century. Frescoes from this decorative phase are found in the narthex. At the end of the 12th century, the church was redecorated under the patronage of Theodore Lemniotes and his wife. One of the motivations for this donation, according to a lengthy poem in the narthex, was the failing health of the donor. The selection of two healing saints, "anargyroi," for the dedication of the church certainly reflects Theodore's medical concerns. The painters of this phase of the church have been linked to the decorative program of Kurbinovo (1191).

Bibliography: T. Malmquist, Byzantine 12th Century Frescoes in Kastoria: Agioi Anargyroi and Agios Nikolaos tou Kasnitzi.

View of southeast corner of church.

Hagioi Anargyroi, Entrance to Church (photo: S. Gerstel).

Section of Building.

North Chapel, Line Drawing of donor Theodore Lemniotes, his wife, and their son.

Section of wall painting in north chapel revealing three layers of paint (photo: S. Gerstel).

Nave, west wall and door to narthex (photo: S. Gerstel).

Nave, north wall, Lamentation with military saints George and Demetrios below (photo: S. Gerstel).

Nave, North wall, St. George (photo: S. Gerstel).

Nave, north wall, St. George, detail of costume (photo: S. Gerstel).

Nave, north wall, St. Demetrios, Detail of Costume (photo: S. Gerstel).

Archangel, Detail of Costume (photo: S. Gerstel).

Narthex, St. Basil. Two layers of Fresco (photo: S. Gerstel).

Narthex, west wall, St. Marina slaying Beezelbub (photo: S. Gerstel).

Narthex, west wall, St. Julitta and her son Kyrikos (photo: S. Gerstel).


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