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Georgian Illuminations from Psalters, 13-15th centuries

f.192v Massacre of the Priests,
Women & Children of Nob
by Doeg

f.205r Battle of the Israelites
against King Hadadezer

f.230r & f.230v Goliath

f.233r David before King Saul

Presents to King Solomon

Psalters (H-1665), 13-15th cc.
25 x 17.5. 236 folios, paper. Leather-bound in wooden cover. Nuskhuri hand. A manuscript was brought from Djruchi monastery (western Georgia) by Ekvtime Taqaishvili.
Held by the National Centre of Manuscripts of Georgia, Tbilisi.

Probably from these Psalters:

Georgian Cavalry

Cavalry battle as Georgians

Other Georgian Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers
Index of Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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