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A Byzantine Fresco of the Betrayal
Holy Monastery of St Mary Kastrianon, Old Pyli, Kos, Greece
Church of Taxiarhion, 14th century

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The archaeological area of Old Pyli is in the middle of the island of Kos, south east of the village of Pyli and spreads to the western part of Mount Dikaio at an altitude of 300 metres from the surface of the sea. Monastery of St. Mary Kastrianou - Church of the Virgin Mary (Ipapanti of Christ). When the monk Christodoulos Latrinos left Strovilo in Asia Minor he came to Kos. Here he founded the Monastery of St Mary Kastrianon on the hill in Pyli. The monastery is situated on the hill of Old Pyli and its ledge, which was dedicated to St Mary, is now dedicated to Ipapanti of Christ.

The Church of Taxiarhion (St. Asomati) is situated in the south west of the settlement of Old Pyli and has been built in three phases. The first phase which dates to the Byzantine period belongs to the eastern part of the main building which houses the built in chamber. It is lower than the natural surface of the ground. The Communion table is built in and has two apses. In the second building phase, during the period of the Knights, the church was extended towards the west by adding a roof and an extra chamber. And finally, the third phase was when a rectangular antenave with a flat roof was added. On the outside on the southern part, there were arches which supported the portico. In the antenave there was a tomb, and there may also have been tombs in the main part of the church. The church has two entrances in the western side and two rectangular windows. It is richly decorated and is covered. On the inside of the church which is dated to the 14th century and 16th century there is also rich decoration.
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In the arch of the main temple are depicted scenes from the Dodekarion, namely:
Southern half: Upper zone (from A. to D.): 1. Baptism, 2. Underworld.
Below Belt: 3. Transformation, 4. Last Supper.
North half: Upper zone (from D. to A.): 5. Betrayal, 6. Crucifixion.
Bottom zone: 7. Lazarus raised, 8. Baior.
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