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Chronica de Gestis Hungarorum of Mark Kálti
The Frontispiece of the Képes Krónika, Hungary, 1360

King Louis I (the great).
On the left mailed knights in western garb; on the right a group of figures in long robes, with bow, mace and sabre.

Referenced on p13, D.Nicolle, A.McBride - MAA 195 Hungary and the Fall of Eastern Europe 1000-1568
Hungarian Illuminated Chronicle, 'Louis the Great and his subjects', c.1360. The Great Hungarian Chronicle is a vital source for mid-14th century middle European arms, armour and costume. It shows men in typical European dress, such as Louis the Great himself, others in slightly unusual forms of western arms, such as the knights on the left, and warriors of obvious steppe nomadic origin like those on the right. The groups illustrated here symbolise the feudal and the nomadic subjects of the king. (Nat. Szech. Lib., Ms. Clmae 404, f.1, Budapest.)

A Hungarian Light Cavalryman, 14th Century, by Ian Heath based on the Képes Krónika.
A Hungarian Man-at-arms, 14th Century, by Ian Heath based on the Képes Krónika.
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