Illustration from the
Chronica de Gestis Hungarorum of Mark Kálti
Right side of Page 26 of the Képes Krónika, Hungary, 1360

Quintus capitaneus
Sertus capitane?
vy? capitane?

The lower figure is referenced as 'left' on p14, D.Nicolle, A.McBride - MAA 195 Hungary and the Fall of Eastern Europe 1000-1568
Hungarian illuminated Chronicle; (left) 'An unidentified Champion of the Conquest', (right) 'Kund, the 4th Champion of the Conquest'. These two warriors are probably based on different styles of 14th century Hungarian soldier. The man on the left is essentially Asiatic, but carries a European sword and shield, while the dots on his chest hint at a coat-of-plates. Kund on the right is more European in his attire, though even he is lightly equipped by western standards. Note that both warriors have chest medallions betraying the influence of Mongol 'heraldry' (see Plate D3). (Nat. Szech. Lib., Ms. Clmae 404, f. 13a, Budapest.)

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