Cuman Mercenary 14th Century by Angus McBride

based on the Képes Krónika

A larger image of this Cuman Mercenary 14th Century by Angus McBride.

G1: Cuman mercenary , 14th century
The costume of this warrior, from the famous Képes Kronica manuscript dating to the 1360s, is more typical than that of Plate B2, and is similarly recorded in numerous 14th century sources. The characteristic wide-brimmed hats they all depict vary somewhat in shape, but invariably have the brim slit at the front or sides and turned up or down in different ways. Note his fair hair, which gave rise to the names Polovtsy and Falven by which the Cumans were know to the Russians and Germans, both deriving from words meaning 'yellow'.
Men-At-Arms Series 287.       Byzantine Armies AD 1118-1461 by Ian Heath & Angus McBride

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