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Tympanum with a Horse and Rider

Second half of the 14th century
Caucasus, probably Kubatchi, Dagestan

Medium: Stone; carved, with traces of paint
Dimensions: H. 28 3/4 (73 cm) W. 51 in. (129.5 cm) D. 4 in. (10.2 cm) Wt. with pallet: 457 lbs. (207.3 kg) minus about 20 lbs for pallet.
This tympanum once adorned the facade of the so-called House of Ahmad and Ibrahim located in the town of Kubatchi in the Caucasus. The vegetal decoration surrounding the central figure has been compared to fourteenth- and fifteenth-century stone carvings found in the city. The date is further supported by the dress of the lively rider. His costume incorporates a curvilinear "cloud collar" around its neckline, which was introduced to Iran by the Mongols and became fashionable in the fifteenth century.
Source: Metmuseum

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