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Illustration from the
King Wenceslas IV Bible
Bible krále Václava IV
Featuring helmets with brim and nasal, in Part IV

Bible krále Václava IV. Část IV

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The Wenceslas Bible (German: Wenzelsbibel) or the Bible of Wenceslaus IV (Czech: Bible Václava IV.) is a six-volume illuminated manuscript written in German. The manuscript was commissioned by King Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia. The translation from Latin Vulgate was commissioned by a wealthy burgher of Prague, Martin Rotlev, about 1375–1380.
Held by the Austrian National Library (Cod. 2759–64).
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Kettle-helmet with brim and nasal is referenced in BOHEMIAN INFANTRYMAN c.1400 in Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 2 by Ian Heath

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