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Illustrations from

Breydenbach's Peregrinationes in Terram Sanctam, 1486

Bernhard von Breydenbach and his journey to the Holy Land 1483-4 : a bibliography (1911)

by Hugh Davies

The illustrations are from the 1486 edition except for those with a date which indicates a latter edition.
34a Saracens
34b Jews
35a Greeks
36a Syrians, 1489
37 Abyssinians ("Indians")
38a Turks
49 Crucifixion, 1498
 52 Crusaders at Damietta, 1522


Erhard Reuwich accompanied Breydenbach and printed his depictions of the cities they visited and images of the people who lived in them alongside Breydenbach’s texts when they returned to Europe.
African Costume for Artists: The Woodcuts in Book X of "Habiti antichi et moderni di tutto il mondo, 1598" by Laura Renee Herrmann

Other 15th Century Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
Index of Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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