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John VIII Palaeologus on
The Filarete Door
by Antonio Averuline known as Filarete, 1445

Byzantine Emperor John VIII Palaeologus came to a council at Florence (1439) to discuss the possible reunification of the Eastern and Western Catholic churches.

6. The departure of emperor John Paleologus from Constantinople

7. The emperor encounters the pope at Ferrara

8. A session of the Council of Florence

9. The Greek delegation returns to the East

The central door of St. Peter's Basilica is the oldest. Pope Eugene IV commissioned the Florentine, Antonio Averulino, known as Filarete (1400-1469) to make the two bronze imposts which he completed in 1445. The bas-reliefs between the main 6 framed panels show scenes from the pontificate of Eugene IV, and representatives at the Council of Ferrara-Florence, summoned in 1438 to reunite the Churches of the East and of the West.

See also the Medal of John VIII Palaeologus, by Antonio Pisanello, Italy, 1438-1442
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