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Illustration from

"Oriental Memoirs" by James Forbes, 1813

The Conclusion of the Cheeta Hunt at Cambay, from an original drawing by Lady Malet

Plate twenty-eight from the first volume of James Forbes'"Oriental Memoirs". For the British in India, Cheetah-hunt and falconry were favourite past-times. When stationed in Gujarat, Forbes (1749-1819) was presented with two hunting cheetahs by the chief of a province, one of which 'is the subject of the annexed drawing'. It 'was made by Lady Malet, from a picture painted in water-colour by a native of India, taken on the represents the Cheeta gnawing over the antelope he has just killed in the chase, and the gamekeeper cutting off the haunch to give to the hungry animal, to redeem the rest of his prey. Sir Charles Malet and some of his Persian friends at Cambay are spectators. One of the attendants carries a hawk, trained for the chase of antelopes and other game, which formed a principal amusement at Cambay.'Malet (1752-1815) was the Resident of Cambay to whom Forbes dedicated his "Memoirs" .


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