Abbasid Lustre Bowl with figure holding a Pomegranate, Mesopotamia or Central Asia, 9th Century

A Figural Abbasid Lustre Bowl, Mesopotamia or Central Asia, 9th Century.
Of rounded form with everted lip on short foot, the pale tin glaze painted in tones of lustre with a central large figure sitting cross-legged on a short stool wearing a striped robe and carrying in his raised right hand a pomegranate, scrolling floral vine to either side, the rim with alternating green and brown lobes, the exterior with two diagonal rows of green splashes.
7½in. (19.1cm.) diam.

Source: Christie's. Sale 7959 / Lot 12

Note the four locks of very long hair. This also appears on Bowls with figures from Nishapur, Kurasan, Iran, 9th-10th centuries, Saffarid-Samanid period.
The supports of the chair are similar to: a Post Sasanian Dish with Royal Feast, Central Asia, Late 7th - early 8th century. State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg. S-47;
a Sasanian silver gilt plate with a gift of a ring, 7th Century AD. Sackler Gallery S1987.113;
and a Sasanian silver plate with a gift of a ring, 6th-7th Centuries AD, Walters Art Museum 57.709

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