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Bezeklik (Bzklik) Fresco
Painting of Donors from Temple No. 1, Bäzäklik

Source: Chotscho by Albert von Le Coq Plate 38
Translated from the German:
This small group of donator images comes from Temple No. 1 from the right wall of the Bazaklik monastery. Shown are three princes, who face to the left standing on a narrow white carpet. The feet from the left figure appear on a smaller (painted later?) rectangular, red carpet. All three have a tight-fitting cap with low bent narrow edge, which appears to have on the sides and rear a band-like hanging attached; it is red for the left hand figure and white for the other two figures. Under the cap, two flirtatious curls escape on the front end, the black head of hair falls, apparently in curls down to his shoulders. The faces of the three figures have been maliciously damaged (wiped with a finger), only that of the figure on the left is good enough to show us a man with long, straight nose, slight moustache, slightly narrow in the face toward the centre, slanted eyes and quite horizontally projecting eyebrows are presented, the type is apparently East Asian.

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