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Menologion of Basil II, Byzantine, c.1000AD, Vaticano Griego 1613
Detail from page 281 - Massacre of the Innocents.

The full image of the Massacre of the Innocents, Menologion of Basil II, Byzantine, c.1000AD. p.281, Vaticano Griego 1613

Title: Menologium Basilii II
Date: late 10th century
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

Referenced on p.11, Byzantine Imperial Guardsmen 925-1025: The Tághmata and Imperial Guard by Timothy Dawson
The Massacre of the Innocents, in an image of c. AD 1,000. The most interesting figure in this New Testament scene is the young royal guard (centre). His tunic is light green, embroidered with small circlets and squared spaces, and with heavy embroidery in gold around the neck and wrists and on the shoulders. The surface of the shield is light blue with red decorations and gold fittings. The model for this guardsman might have been an Imperial Eskoubitor of the Tághmata, since that regiment was linked to the ‘Greens’ faction of the Circus (Hippodrome) in Constantinople. (Menologion of Basil II, folio 281, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Rome)

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