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Rustram slaying the Dragon, Piandjikent

A larger image of Rustram slaying the Dragon, Piandjikent.

Image source:

Illustration 89, p107 in Tamara Talbot Rice, Ancient Arts of Central Asia, 1965
89 Some of the wall-paintings at Piandjikent have been found to relate to specific passages in the Shah-nama by Firdausi, the well-known Persian poet. In this particular scene Rustam is shown slaying the dragon. Seventh century.
89 Wall-painting: Rustram slaying the Dragon. Piandjikent, Room 41, seventh century. Photo: State Hermitage Museum, Leningrad
Soghdian Murals at Piandjikent, an extract from ANCIENT ARTS OF CENTRAL ASIA by Tamara Talbot Rice

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