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Commentaries of Gregory of Nazianzus, Byzantine, 879-883AD
f.440r 1 Dream of Constantine / 2 Battle of Milvian Bridge (312AD) /
3 Saint Helen and councilors / 4 Invention of the holy cross

1 songe de constantin
2 bataille du pont milvius (312)
3 s. hélène et conseillers   4 invention de la sainte croix

Titre : Grégoire de Nazianze, manuscrit dédié à l'empereur Basile Ier le Macédonien.
Date d'édition : 0879-0883
Type : manuscrit
Langue : Grec
Format : Parchemin. - 465 fol. - Onciale. - Peint. - 435 x 300 mm
Description : gregorius thaumaturgus (s.), metaphrasis in ecclesiasten

Source : Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, Grec 510

The left of the lower register is referenced on p.27, Byzantine Imperial Guardsmen 925-1025: The Tághmata and Imperial Guard by Timothy Dawson
Constantine and St Helen. This detail from a miniature of c. AD 880 represents the Eunuch Spatharokouvikoulárioi; both they and the Maghlavítai of the Imperial Guard were armed with their gold-hilted spathia during ceremonies and receptions. The former are shown here carrying them over the shoulder, while the latter wore their swords from the belt. (Cod. Par. Gr. 510, folio 440v; ex Omont)

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