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Byzantine Plates - Herakleios, 629–630AD

Presentation of David to Saul

David, brought before Saul, says he is willing to battle Goliath (1 Samuel 17:32–34). Saul is dressed as member of the Byzantine court. His chlamys, or cloak, worn over a long-sleeved tunic, is fastened with a cruciform fibula, or brooch, the sign of a high-ranking state official. The chlamys is adorned with a tablion, a rectangular embroidered panel indicating the wearer’s rank. The man at the far left wears the Persian costume fashionable at court during the early Byzantine period: short tunic with long sleeves, girdle, long trousers, and boots. Here the arcade suggests a palatial setting.

Made in Constantinople
Dimensions: Overall: 27.2 x 4 cm, 1397g. Foot: 11.8 x 1.4 cm
Source: Metropolitan Museum of New York Accession Number: 17.190.397

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