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Illustration of the Joshua Roll

The Scouts Report.
Joshua Sends a Small Force to Attack Ai

A larger image of The Scouts Report / Joshua Sends a Small Force to Attack Ai, Joshua Roll

Josua-Rolle, Codex Vaticanus Pal. Graec. 431. Byzantine, 10th century. Biblioteca Apostolica, Vatican. Source: University of Arizona

Referenced on p30, MAA 89 Byzantine Armies 886-1118 by Ian Heath & Angus McBride
Another fine study of skutatoi equipment from the Joshua Roll, showing corselets with pteruges, breast-bands and shoulder-pieces. The neck-guards of their helmets appear to be flexible so are probably leather. Uniforms in this source are chiefly red, sometimes blue. (Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Rome).

3 Then they returned to Joshua and said to him, “Not all the people need go up; about two or three thousand men should go up and attack Ai. Since they are so few, do not make the whole people toil up there.” 4 So about three thousand of the people went up there; and they fled before the men of Ai. 5 The men of Ai killed about thirty-six of them, chasing them from outside the gate as far as Shebarim and killing them on the slope. The hearts of the people melted and turned to water.
(Joshua 7:3-5)

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