Stucco relief fragments of front wall decoration of Buddhist shrines,
'Ming-oi' Site, Kara-shahr.

A larger image of the horses. Stucco relief fragments of front wall decoration of Buddhist shrines, 'Ming-oi' Site, Kara-shahr.

Source: Plate CXXXVI, Serindia : vol.4 by Marc Aurel Stein
Sec. iii] RELIEVOS AND FRESCOES FROM N.W. PORTION OF 'MING-OI'   p1195, Serindia : vol.3 by Marc Aurel Stein
The local artists' power of true observation of nature is attested by the fine relievos of horses, Mi. xi. 00138-9 (Plate CXXXVI), and does not forsake them either in the rendering of the head of the less familiar elephant (see Mi. xi. 00116-17, Plate CXXXVI).

Sec. iv] LIST OF ANTIQUES EXCAVATED AT 'MING-OI' SITE   p.1211, Serindia : vol.3 by Marc Aurel Stein

Mi. xi. 00138. Stucco relief fig. of horse and rider. Legs of horse missing, and whole of rider except arms clasped round horse's neck. These bare from elbow (where broken) and wearing three bracelets. Hands carefully made and nails marked.
Fig. probably fitted into a corner, for L. p. side was not (apparently) worked. If it was it is all missing, and the body is cut square across rump. Arched neck turned outwards, and mane cropped as in Greek art. Ears chipped off; eyes wide open, mouth shut ; nostrils dilated. Core hole (for plume) visible between ears and under neck.
   Harness consists of head-stall (no bit) of plain leather, with bell behind ear ; tracing of beaded work from which hang alternate bells and tassels ; breeching similarly decorated ; double-peaked saddle with rounded saddle-cloth, and stirrup-leathers ; no sign of girth, under-side being left rough. For `horse millinery, cf Ancient Khotan, ii. Pl. LIX, D. vii. 5.
   Horse is of rather stocky breed, thick-set in body, thick in neck, with small head. The legs (cf. Mi. xii. 0023-4) seem to have been rather long and slender in proportion ; in this it differs from the Shansi-Honan pottery figs. (T'ang dynasty), which it otherwise resembles. Work very realistic and vivacious. Length 10" ; H. 9". Pl. CXXXVI.

Mi. xi. 00139. Stucco relief fig. of horse. Same scale as Mi. xi. 00138 and probably pair to it, only L. side being worked, and rump similarly cut square. Harness similar. Head stretched forward and downwards as if in exhaustion, eyes wide, nostrils expanded, and lips drawn back. Very fine work. H. 7"; length 13". Pl. CXXXVI.

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