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Throne of Archbishop Maximian of Ravenna
Constantinople or Alexandria, 545553AD
A Detail of the Story of Joseph
on the right hand side of the throne

Joseph greets his father, Jacob, in Egypt

Pharoah dreams of seven fat cows, and seven gaunt cows

The Throne of Maximian (or Maximianus) is a throne that was made for Archbishop Maximianus of Ravenna and is now on display at the Archiepiscopal Museum, Ravenna. It is generally agreed that the throne was carved in the Greek East of the Byzantine Empire and shipped to Ravenna, but there has long been scholarly debate over whether it was made in Constantinople or Alexandria.
Source: Christian Antiquities Museum and Archives

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Referenced as Plates XCIV-XCV in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
XCIV-XCV "Story of Joseph," carved ivory panels on Throne of Archbishop Maximian, c.550 AD, Byzantine or Egyptian (Cathedral Museum, Ravenna).

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