Bowl with depiction of a cavalryman, 10th Century
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

A detail of the warrior on this bowl. Asian Art Museum of San Francisco in California.

Bowl with warrior on horseback
Date: approx. 900-1000
Medium: Earthenware with underglaze slip decoration
Place of Origin: Northeastern Iran, probably Nishapur
Label: A rider, shown holding a long sword or rod or axe? Possibly he is a member of the hunting- and polo-loving nobility of Nishapur, where the bowl was made. Surrounding the rider are birds, rosettes, and stylized Arabic script, probably representing the word al-baraka, or "blessings." The combination of motifs from the ancient Persian and Arab worlds on this bowl may provide a link between the pre-Islamic and Islamic periods in Iran.
Dimensions: H. 8.3 cm x Diam. 18.4 cm
Source: Asian Art Museum of San Francisco in California. Object ID: B60P1886
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