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Nubian Warrior Saint
Mural from the Cathedral in Faras, Sudan, 8th-century

A larger image of Nubian Warrior Saint. Mural from the Cathedral in Faras, Sudan, 8th-century

Unidentifiable warrior saint killing a dragon. Faras Cathedral (Early 10th century). He wears an armour in Byzantine style. It is hard to say if one can interpret this painting as a proof for linothorax armour in (early) Medieval Nubia or if the artist just copied the motive from a Byzantine painting. Also note the (for Nubians) unusual shield.
Source: Pinterest

Fig. 6. Warrior saint (probably Theodore), damaged 8th-century mural from the Nubian cathedral in Faras; currently National Museum, Warsaw.
Arms and Armour of the Warrior Saints Tradition and Innovation in Byzantine Iconography edited by Piotr Grotowski

Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers from Coptic Egyptian and Nubian sources
8th Century Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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