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The Rabbula Gospels
Evangelia characteribus Syriacis exarata
Syria, 6th Century

folio 13r,
The Crucifixion and the Holy Women at the Sepulchre

This manuscript is composed of a number of parts. The Gospels text was written in the convent of Bet Mar Yohannan of Zagba, Northern Syria, by Rabbula in 586AD
The first 14 folios, containing the illuminations, is probably from Syria, but not necessarily from a Syriac work, in the 6th century. Syriac captions were added latter. The two were joined sometime between the end of the fourteenth century and the second half of the fifteenth. The third part is ten paper folios (fols. 15–19); written in the twelth century, they carry liturgical pericopes. There was some overpainting of miniatures on folios 13 and 14, perhaps in the 15th or 16th century in Italy.
Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Firenze. Plut.01.56

References: The Rabbula Gospels. Margoneetho: Syriac Orthodox Resources
The Miniatures in the Rabbula Gospels Massimo Bernaḅ

The figure shown thrusting the spear into Christ's side appears to be in Roman 6th century costume, with red tunic, white breeches and black leggings.
'Leopard skin' trousers have been attributed to Isauran soldiers.

From the same manuscript:
The Rabbula Gospels folio 4r, Canon Table with the Prophets Samuel and Joshua and the Annunciation to the Virgin, Syria, 6th Century

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