Funerary stela of first century AD Bosphoran, Rhodon son of Helios

Detail of Bosporan funeral stele of Rhodon, son of Helios, early 1st century AD. He wears a short tunic and trousers, cloak fastened on the right shoulder by a brooch, and carries a large oval shield with a small round boss. His helmet, carried by his son, has radial bands and cheek-piece. (Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg)
Source: The Sarmatians 600 BC-AD 450 by Richard Brzezinski (Author), Gerry Embleton (Illustrator)

Fig. 64   Funerary stela from St Petersburg of first century AD Bosphoran, Rhodon son of Helios. As shown in semi-domestic setting with his wife and child, he is depicted without armour, but wearing a tunic with diamond-shaped quilting, possibly some form of protective padded subarmalis. (Drawn by J. R. Travis)
Source: Roman Body Armour by Hilary & John Travis

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