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Grave stele of Basilides, son of Basilides, Kerch, Bosporan, 1st-2nd Century AD

1 - general view, 2, 3 - parts. Photo M. Yu. Treister
M. Yu. Treister (Bonn) Sarmatian type weapons in the Bosporus in the I-II cent. AD
3. The archaeological realities.
3.1. Swords and daggers with ringed pommel and straight crossguards and long swords in the northern Black Sea coast.
3.1.1. Swords and daggers with straight crossguards and annular pommel and long swords in late Sarmatian burial grounds.

Fig. 11 - 11. Stele of Basilides, son of Basilides, from Kerch. Kerch kikz, inv. KL-106th

See also Grave stele of Staphilos, son of Glaukias, Bosporan Kingdom, 2nd Century AD
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