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Bosporan Stele of Two Warriors in Corinthian Helmets, 4th century BC.
from Yubileynoe I, Taman Peninsular
Pushkin Museum, Moscow.

Inv. F-1601
Attic school. Third quarter of the 4th century BC.
White marble, sugared at break, with a grayish patina
Height 188; Width (top) 85; (Bottom) 94; Depth of slab 25
State Museum of Fine Arts named after AS Pushkin.

Two warriors in Corinthian helmets, tunics and cloaks - one older, with a beard, the other young and beardless - are depicted on the stele almost life-size. The left, bearded warrior stands almost frontally, in a free counterpost. He rests on his right leg, the feet are foreshortened. Both figures are barefoot - which symbolized their timeless status, but the legs of the older warrior are protected by high greaves. His head is covered with a Corinthian-style helmet pushed to the back of his head. A long cloak is folded in half over the tunic. In his left hand he holds the haft of spear lying on his left shoulder. With his right hand he supports a round shield, part of which is cut for architectural framing. The frame of the latter created a spatial depth from which figures emerged.

The right figure stands three quarters to his neighbor, his left shoulder is very advanced. He rests on his left leg, the right is bent at the knee. In the left hand of the warrior is a xyphos sword, in his right hand there is a spear resting against the edge of the ground. The young man's head is turned towards the older warrior and is also covered with a Corinthian-type helmet pushed to the back of the head. The costume depicted also consists of a tunic and a cloak, but the cloak is treated flatly, in an unusual way it encircles the figure and is fixed at the waist with a belt, knotted in front.
E.A. Savostina Source

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