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Bosporan Terracotta Statuettes

Clay Statuette of a Panticapaean Soldier
I Cent. B.C. Hermitage, Petrograd.
Plate XXX, Iranians & Greeks in South Russia
by Rostovtsev, Mikhail Ivanovich (1922)

Description: Terracotta figure of Scythian warrior leaning on shield, his right arm lying across his upper chest, his right hand resting on the rim of the shield, wearing a pointed cap or helmet and a short tunic with diagonal bands crossing his chest (Scythian dress), longer mantle frames his figure, unclear whether or not wearing Scythian trousers. Oval shield has central spine running down full length. Coarse bright orange clay (with mica and gritty inclusions).
Production date: 2ndC BC-1stC BC
Materials: terracotta
Dimensions: Height: 15 centimetres
British Museum 1948,0601.15
Bosporan infantry with thureos.

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