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Illustration on a Byzantine textile
Ornamental Square from a Tunic, Egypt, 5th century

Ornamental Square from a Tunic, 400s
Egypt, Byzantine period, 5th century
Medium: tapestry weave with supplementary weft wrapping; undyed linen and dyed wool,
Average: 20.50 x 20.00 cm (8 1/16 x 7 13/16 inches).
Location: 106A Migration Period & Coptic
Two mounted hunters armed with rocks pursue two lions in the center. The man on the left wears a short tunic, as does the woman on the right with a billowing skirt. Both hunters wear hats and high boots. The border displays curving acanthus leaves that alternately enclose running lions and hares. This square was sewn onto a tunic rather than woven in.
Collection: Textiles
Gift of the John Huntington Art and Polytechnic Trust 1916.1980
Source: Cleveland Museum of Art

See also a Byzantine textile. Fragment of a Tunic, Egypt, 5th - 7th century, Cleveland Museum of Art 1982.288
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