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Tamara Talbot Rice

Bactrian Embroidered fragment showing two Yuezhi riders, Noin Ula

Yuezhi on Bactrian embroidery from textiles found at Noyon Uul, Mongolia by Sergey A. Yatsenko.

A larger image of the embroidered fragment showing two riders from Noin Ula.

Illustration 39, p49 in Tamara Talbot Rice, Ancient Arts of Central Asia, 1965
39 Embroidered fragment showing two riders. It is interesting to compare it with Ill. 90. Noin Ula, first century AD onwards
39 Wall-hanging (detail): two horsemen. Embroidery. Noin Ula, 6th barrow, c. first century AD onwards. Photo: State Hermitage Museum, Leningrad
Noin Ula is east of Lake Baikal, see map

See also Yuezhi embroidered on three pieces of a Bactrian carpet, Noyon Uul, Mongolia, after 120 BC
Yuezhi spearman on a Bactrian textile from Tomb No. 1, Sampula (Khotan Prefecture, Xinjiang), after 120 BC

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