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Tamara Talbot Rice

Urartian Buildings

Larger images of Urartian Buildings.

Referenced as Illustrations 45 & 46, p59 in Tamara Talbot Rice, Ancient Arts of Central Asia, 1965
45, 46 Two bronzes from Toprak Kale. (Left) A relief of a citadel or palace and (right) a model of a tower. The latter already displays a brick or stonework decoration of the type which is associated with medieval Persia. Eighth-seventh century BC

45 Bronze plaque: Urartian building. Toprak Kale, eighth-seventh century BC. H. 11⅞″ (30.0). Photo: Courtesy Trustees of the British Museum
46 Bronze model of a tower. Urartian, eighth-seventh century BC. Toprak Kale. H. 6⅝″ (16.8). Photo: Courtesy Trustees of the British Museum

See also Urartu: The Kingdom of Van - Opposition for the Assyrians by Clive Naseby

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