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Shield and Battle Scene on a Helmet Cheek-Piece from Dodona Archaeological Site, Epiros.

Dodona is an archaeological site in Epiros, about 22 km southwest from Ioannina. For over a millennium and until the 4th century BCE the sanctuary of Zeus and Dione at Dodona was a renowned oracle, second in fame only to Delphi and the host of the Naia festival which included athletic contests and theatrical performances.

Bronze fragment of a Macedonian shield with the inscription "ΒΑ(ΣΙ)ΛΕΥΕ" (basileus = king).

It is probably a votive offering of Pyrrhus after his victory against the Macedonian King Antigonus II Gonatas at Aous in 274 BCE. It is exhibited at the Ioannina Archaeological Museum.

Cheek-piece of helmet with decoration depicting a battle scene. Late 5th or early 4th c. BCE.
National Archaeological Museum, Athens.
Source: Dodona Archaeological Site

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