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Khaltchayan Reception Hall, Yuezhi north Bactria, 50 BC-50 AD

The Armour Bearer

Photo posted by TimurS

A Kushan warrior holding a suit of armour.

Detail of the head showing the artificial skull deformation.

Tetradrachm of Kujula Kadphises/'Heraios' showing him as a middle-aged man with a similar skull deformation.

Images from The Sculpture of Khalchayan by G. A. Pugachenkova (1970). Source
The main reception chamber in the Khaltchayan hall was decorated with splendid wall reliefs in clay and stucco on a wooden frame picked out in vivid colours. In the centre of the main wall sat a royal couple flanked by attendants; on the north side were further nobles including this man holding a suit of armour, and a goddess on a chariot, while on the south were central Asian horse-archers.

Khaltchayan in Surxondaryo prov., southern Uzbekistan, site of a settlement and palace of the nomad Yuezhi, with paintings and sculptures of the mid-1st century BCE. The Yuezhi, and perhaps other nomad groups, overthrew the Hellenistic Greek dynasty which had ruled there since the mid-3rd century as successor to the post-Achaemenid governments of Alexander and the Seleucids.
Reference: Iranica online - Khalchayan

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