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Terracotta Statuette from Myrina, Turkey, late 3rd century BC
A War Elephant Crushing a Galatian Warrior

Pictue source: Images d'Art

Terracotta statuette from Myrina (Turkey) (late 3rd c. BC)
The statuette depicts a battle elephant stepping on a Celtic warrior. It is believed to be a representation of the battle between Antiochus I and the Galatians in 275 BC.
Source: Balkan Celts

Referenced as Figure 15. Elephant Trampling Gaul (Louvre inv. no. Myr. 284); terracotta; Myrina, Asia Minor (mod. Turkey); ca. 3rd century BCE.
Monsters of Military Might: Elephants in Hellenistic History and Art

Used as a source for ELEPHANTS WITH TOWERS in ‘Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars’ by Duncan Head, illustrated by Ian Heath

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