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Parthian Faience Figure of a Syrian Warrior

Parthian Faience Figure of a Warrior
SKU LK.355
Circa: 100 AD to 300 AD
Dimensions: 12" (30.5cm) high
Medium: Faience
Origin: Syria
Gallery Location: UK

Glazed turquoise green ceramics are one of the most distinctive Parthian art forms. Glazed ceramics were extremely rare in the Middle East prior to the Islamic period. Only in China were glazed wares common at such an early date. Trade and diplomatic ties most likely encouraged such a development in the Parthian region. Their color was created from copper and iron oxides mixed with an alkaline glaze which was applied on top of a fine white paste so that the reddish surface of the clay would not show through. The shapes of the vessels reveal a reliance on Greek and Mesopotamian forms while the green glaze has often been likened to the patina that bronze acquires over time.
Source: Barakat Gallery

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