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A Golden Calathos with Scythian Arimaspi Fighting Griffins

A larger image of this Golden Calathos with Scythian Arimaspi Fighting Griffins

284 Золотой голнвной убор - калаф (детали см. на табл. 291-294)    in M.I. Artamonov, 1966.     
284 Golden headdress - calathos (details see on Table 291-294)

Source: ferrebeekeeper
A calathos (plural calathi) is a flared fruit basket borne on the head as a symbol in Greek and Egyptian art of fruitfulness.
The Arimaspi were a legendary tribe of one-eyed people of northern Scythia who lived in the foothills of the Riphean Mountains, variously identified with the Ural Mountains or the Carpathians. All tales of their struggles with the gold-guarding griffins in the Hyperborean lands near the cave of Boreas, the North Wind (Geskleithron), had their origin in a lost work by Aristeas, reported in Herodotus.

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