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Skythian Gold Belt Plaque with Seated Archer, Aksyutintsy, Ukraine, 4th Century BC.

Year: 4th century BC
Material: Gold
Size: 5.5 cm
Museum: State Historical Museum, Moscow
Poltava province. Romensky district, Aksyutintsy village, mound 5.
Excavations of the village: A. Mazaraki, 1905

A hero or a god is presented on the belt plaques in Aksyutintsy (Yatsenko 2007, 58) sitting on a stool with a small gala figured axe in his right hand and a vessel (?) in his left one (fig. 11, 1). The personage has a long face with a massive chin, a Scythian hairstyle of long hair and lens-shaped eyes, a hardly seen moustache, short legs. The décor of his caftan-sisirna, belt and gorytos is accentuated.
ESSAYS ON SCYTHIAN ANTROPOMORPHIC IMAGES by Sergey A. Yatsenko. Moscow, Russian State University for the Humanities.

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