A Scythian horseman on a carpet

The full carpet with multiple Scythian horsemen, Pazyryk

Panel from a pile carpet.
Pazyryk barrow no. 5, 252-238 BCE.
Wool. 183 x 200 cm.
Published: Rudenko 1953, pp. 351-356; pl. CXV-CXVI; Rudenko 1968, Ch. 2; Rudenko 1970, pp. 298-304; pl. 174-175; Opie, Tribal Rugs, Ch. 3; Hermitage
Source: Silkroad: State Hermitage Museum :: Southern Siberia/Pazyryk

The rug was probably made in Armenia, see The world’s oldest rug was made in Armenia, PeopleOfAr.

See also a Scytho-Sakian wall-hanging of the Great Goddess and a rider, fifth century BC
Scythian, Saka, Pazyryk Culture and Yuezhi Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers

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