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Skythian warriors on Greek ceramics, c.500BC

Scene of departure of a hoplite together with his Scythian companion. The Scythian is bearded, with shoes, and wears a body suit, kidaris, and carries a hatchet; a gorytos is hanging from his side. Attic Red-Figured Amphora of 500 BCE.
Würzburg L507

Arming scene on an Attic Red-Figured Amphora of 500 BCE. The Scythian looks on while the hoplite arms; the Scythian is wearing a kidaris, body-suit, no shoes, and carries a hatchet and bow; his gorytos hangs at his side.
Munich 2308

Scythian archer on an Athenian dish, c.530-520BC, Louvre.

On the interior of this famous Attic Red-Figured Plate of 510-500 BCE, a Scythian archer runs to his left and looks back as he draws an arrow from his gorytos. He is barefoot, but not bearded, and is wearing a kidaris or Scythian hat.
London E135

Black figured plate depicting an archer blowing a trumpet, made in Athens, dated 6th Century BC
Displayed at the British Museum

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