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Varahran V Plate
Silver plate with hunting scene. British Museum 124092

A larger image of the Varahran V Plate. Silver plate with hunting scene. British Museum 124092

Object type: plate
Museum number: 124092
Silver plate showing a king hunting lions; judging by his crown the king may be the Sasanian king Varahran V (popularly known as Bahram Gur) (reigned AD 420-438) whose hunting exploits became legendary.
Culture/period: Late Sasanian
Date: 5thC-7thC
Materials: silver
Technique: hammered, gilded, engraved, chased
   Diameter: 27.6 centimetres
   Height: 4.5 centimetres (minus foot ring)
   Diameter: 7.2 centimetres (exterior of foot ring)
   Weight: 937.3 grammes
Acquisition name: Bequeathed by Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks
BM/Big number: 124092
Registration number: 1897,1231.187
Additional IDs:
   OT.187 (1st ed. of catalogue)
   OT.207 (2nd ed. of catalogue)
Smirnov 1909 no.54, pl.XXVI
British Museum 124092

Referenced in Rome's Enemies (3): Parthians and Sassanid Persians by Peter Wilcox & Angus McBride
Silver plate, 6th century AD, showing a Sassanian monarch (probably Varham V) destroying a family of Lions. (Trustees of the British Museum)

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