The Hamzanama of Akbar, Mughal, c. 1570

It took some 15 years to complete the Great Mughal Akbarís copy of the Hamza-nama, which originally contained about 1400 miniatures. This was a gigantic project in every respect, a collaborative effort by Persian and Indian artists that is considered a pioneering work of early Mughal painting.
The book is a fictitious account of the life of Hamza, the Prophet Muhammadís uncle. Approximately 50 painters worked on the project under the supervision of the famous artists Mir Sayyid 'Ali and 'Abd al-Samad, who both had worked ca. 1522-35 on the royal "Shahnamah" of the Safavid ruler Shah Tahmasp.

The Battle of Mazandaran

Hamza Burns Zarthust's Chest and Shatters the Urn with his Ashes

Khwaja Umar saved from pursuers

Assad Ibn Kariba Attacks the Army of Iraj Suddenly by Night

The palace depicted illustrates 'the birth of a dream architectural style that became a reality'

Mahiya slays Gharrad's companions

Ghazanfar insults Hamza and Umar

Hamza & Elephant

Mesbah the Grocer Brings the Spy Parran to his House

Other Mughal Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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