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Marriage Procession in a Bazaar, Mandi, 1645
The Imminent Arrival of the Groom: Folio from a Ramayana Series
By an Early Master at the Mandi Court

A larger image of a Marriage Procession in a Bazaar, 'Ramayana', Mandi, India, 1645

Painting at the Hindu courts in the early seventeenth century displayed a spectrum of styles that derived in varying degrees from the Chaurapan-chasika (traditional Rajput) and Mughal traditions. Although painting is known from only one court in the hill states, Mandi. Source.

A princely bridegroom on a horse is escorted to his wedding by riders, attendants and musicians. Painted by a Mughal-trained master working at the Hill court of Mandi, this procession scene gives an unusually vivid view of a prosperous 17th century bazaar. The shops sell brass vessels, pan (betel-leaf), sweets, glass or ceramic flasks and vases, knives, daggers and sword-hilts, textiles, and grains and pulses. Held by the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford

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