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Turkoman prisoner

The Turkoman prisoner; a man kneeling, with his wrist fettered to his neck, and a quiver of arrows on his belt.
Ms Ousley Add. 173, fol. 1v

Compare: Turkic Prisoner, in a 16th century Persian painting.

Referenced as Illustration 190, p199 in Tamara Talbot Rice, Ancient Arts of Central Asia, 1965
190 Persian miniature of a Turcoman prisoner, c. 1595, serves to show how the latter schools of Persia were influenced by the artists of Bezeklik (Ills. 187, 188)
190 Miniature: a Turcoman prisoner. Kazvin school, c. 1575 (MS. Ouseley Add. 173, fol. 1 r.). Photo: Bodleian Library, Oxford

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